Eco house, Grand Designs

The Eco house that Kevin built

At 7.25pm on the Evening of Friday 9th May just 5 1/2 days after commencing the Build of the sustainable Eco house known as 'The House that Kevin Built' the last screw was turned to complete the handrails at the entrance to the house much to the relief of Project Manager Justin Whiteman and the entire team who had worked like Trojans to complete this unique build on behalf of CH4 at The Grand Designs Live Exhibition.

It is difficult to put into words the efforts that Justin Whiteman, James Pearson, Melvyn Bates, David (Dulux) Bontoff and Lee McGavin put into the completion of this project and along with fantastic support from all atModcell, Facit, and Architect Duncan Baker-Brown it became a real team effort to pull it off but pull it off we did .

There were problems during the week as you would expect, intense heat with temperatures in the mid to high 20's, tiredness with working up to 15 hour days, emotion of which there was plenty, and of course TV cameras and deadlines but nothing was to stand in the way of Justin and his team completing the works .

We are all so proud of what we have achieved .

To read more about Modcell panels please see Carbon-Negative Building post or if you are considering a similar project please Contact Us

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